Japan: 04 08 Bayside Outlet

04.jpgThere was several shopping areas that were famous in addition to Sakuragicho where we stayed.

It is worth to have a visit because in my mind there is a long list of hiking items to be purchased. I like hiking in recent years and I would try to learn from the pro (i.e. with better gear).

The time was not early at all so we hurried to search for the store with hiking supplies. It located on the upper deck and the area was quite large. The shop accepted at least 3 major credit cards (although I carried sufficient cash). The devil in my head push me to procure without limits. The angel was defeated.

05The product selection was so abundant here and the discount was also significant (ie compare to Hong Kong). After an hour plus, I bought a pair of trousers, a pair of socks, a backpack water bag, and so on.

Feeling satisfied, I hope the next hiking event would come sooner and I can play with my new “toys”. My gears are now well fit because the weather in Hong Kong is usually mild (i.e. without the need of thick jacket). I bet my hiking friends would be jealous.

ps: After went back home, I later regret of not buying more garments from the outlet. This is normal: shopping could go beyond limit. Perhaps I should reserve an additional day next time in the trip.




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