Japan: 05 06 Kikuya Ryokan

22Finishing the lunch, we took a train to Izu, a hometown of OnSen. At the station, we purchased a set of two tickets to the destination station and then transit to a bus for a quick ride until we reached Shuzenji.

The journey was not too tiresome. It was already at night. A female manager served us green tea in the hall and explained in details about the hotel facilities. It sounds very meticulous so I believe this hotel area must be large.

01The room was spacious and clean as expected. Japanese would not disappoint guest for the effort of cleaning.

At an end of the corridor, there was a small a pantry with free coffee, milk and other beverages; on the other side, there was also a small counter which offered free SoBa noodles. It was for guests who would like a small bowl of noodle before going to sleep.




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