Japan: 05 08 Dinner at Kikuya Ryokan

03Having enjoyed the chrysanthemum pool, the dinner time began in a large and dark restaurant. Generally, a Japanese dinner starts at around 6pm or 7pm. Japanese people, at least those live in the suburban area, made themselves relax and dine early for health concern. This is the first meal since we stayed here. A Japanese table (rather than a western one) was assigned.

14Juice Wine, Sushi, Seafood. Numerous dishes. It was extravagant. ^_^ Friends do not quite believe my story of having traditional Japanese dinner until they saw the photos again and again. The chef did spend a lot of time in cooking plus decorating the whole set. If a picture paints a thousand words, my dinner set paints a sweet memory.

The weight of each small dish was only a bite or two. The ingredients melt easily and finally came with the pudding dessert: “Mountain Fuji”. A different color combination than we used to see the Mountain Fuji. They both look adorable.


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