Japan: 06 01 Breakfast at Kikuya Ryokan

01Woke up in the fresh air and the tiresome disappears. Push away the curtains, a whole screen of mountain was simply too cute. We let the bed untidy and prepared to enjoy the food from the nearby farmland.

The breakfast was ready at the same restaurant. The setup was really efficient in the morning. The sun lighted up the interior and now we could see the restaurant much better than last night. It was in fact surrounded by well-planted bamboo and other plants. Very poetic and attractive scene just like in a movie.

A whole locally boiled fish laid with a fragrant smell. Although I seldom eat cooked fish, the fish “evaporated” completely within 15 04minutes. There were over 10 yet tiny dishes. The costs of all meals certainly were included in the hotel fee. No one may care to breakdown what is the price of each colorful meal.



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